Configure email account to thunderbird

By | July 12, 2017

Thunderbird is a free and open source email client. It is useful to send and receive mails without connecting to the browser ans also helpful to store your emails to your local PC. You can configure your mail accounts in thunderbird.Here we are going to discussed about configure your mail account in Thunderbird.

Requirements :

Before you start,you need the below details to configur mail accounts
Your domain name :
Your domain email address :
Your email ID passowrd.
*Replace as your domain name and email address as your actual email address

To configure an email account,open your thunderbird,Click email under create a new account

Enter the information as in required field.

Your name : Enter the name which you want to shown in incoming and outgoing mails
Email address : Enter your domain email address
Password : Enter your email address password
Make sure the “Remember Password” is checked to avoid having to re-enter your password every-time.
Once you entered the necessary details,click continue to configure your mail accounts automatically.

Here we are going to discussed about to configure your email accounts with manual configuration settings

Click manual config to configure mail account with manual configuration

Fill the necessary details to configure mail account manually

Choose POP3 in Incoming mail server
Incoming mail server :
Outgoing mail server :
POP3 port number : 110
SMTP port number : 25
SSL : choose none (We will discussed about SSL mail configuration settings in another blog)
Authentication : choose authentication as normal password

Once entered the necessary details,click done

Now you have shown the security warning message.Don’t worry about it.This warning message is security alert for NON-SSL configuration of email accounts.

So Just check I understand the risks and then click done to configure your mail account successully.

Now you can able to access your emails via thunderbird.


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