Complete Guide to Host a website for Beginners

Let’s learn how to host a website on your own if you are a newbie.                                   The first thing to consider when starting your website is to choose a web hosting provider (if you already have a web domain1). The web hosting provider provides the web space (i.e. special computers called web servers) where your… Read More »

How to install MySQL server on centos

Login to your server Install MySQL using yum command on centOS yum install mysql-server Once you installed the MySQL server,then you have to start MySQL services using the below command systemctl start mysqld Your server has “root” user but MySQL also has its own. It means your server’s root password is not similar as root… Read More »

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How to change the default SSH Port number on Linux server

Secure shell(SSH) default port number is 22.This default port number leads to huge automated DDoS attack on the server.By changing the deault SSH port number will helps to stop many automated DDoS attack because it’s bit harder to get the port number Here we are going to discussed about changing the default port number on… Read More »

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How to install apache and php on centos 7

Apache web server is free and open-source cross-platform web server software.It is fast,reliable and secure.It runs on 67% of all webservers in the world. Install Apache To install Apache by using the below command yum install httpd Install PHP To install PHP by using the below command yum install php Install PHP modules search the… Read More »

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Basic “20” commands in Linux

Linux is a unix-like computer operating system assembled under the model of free and open source software development. If you choose Linux operating system,you need to know some basic linux commands to configure,operate and interact with your system smoothly.In Linux system,commands are required as inputs to inform a computer program to perform specific operation. cd… Read More »

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Different way to change WordPress admin password

WordPress                         WordPress is the most popular open source website creation tool.WoedPress is easy to install and design your website through WordPress dashboard.Most common WordPress admin URL is or ( Replace by your domain name).            … Read More »

Configure email account to thunderbird

Thunderbird is a free and open source email client. It is useful to send and receive mails without connecting to the browser ans also helpful to store your emails to your local PC. You can configure your mail accounts in thunderbird.Here we are going to discussed about configure your mail account in Thunderbird. Requirements :… Read More »

List of “ls” commands

We are mostly used to find the list of files and directory by using “ls” commands. “ls” command is most frequently used commands in Linux.We are not aware to use number of “ls” option. ls  -with no option By using ls command, you have to seen list of files and directories. To View Hidden files… Read More »

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